Mold, Bacteria and Microbiology Testing

With over 40 years of combined microbiology analysis experience and continuously accredited since 1993,  Moody Labs has the integrity, expertise, and experience to provide accurate, high quality analytical services day in and day out.

Moody Labs provides testing and analysis on a variety of samples; bulk, wipes, swab, and collected air samples.


Mold Services

Non-Cultured (Immediate, Rush, and 2-Day Results)

  • Air Samples - ASTM D7391-17e1 - Determination of Fungal Concentrations in Airborne Samples (Air-O-Cell®, Allergenco D®, Cyclex D®, Micro 5, Digital DIS, and more).
  • Bulk and Surface Samples - ASTM D7658-17 - Determination of Fungal Particulates (Tape lifts, Swabs, Wipes, Dust, and Bulk Materials)

Expanded analyses are available to include other particulates including pollen, skin, insect parts, debris, etc..

Non-cultured analyses are reported as total spore counts and concentrations using a relative ranking scale 1-5

Cultured (10 - 14 Day Results)

  • Air Samples - Determination of Viable Fungal Concentrations in Airborne Samples (Andersen and Via-Cell)
  • Bulk and Surface Samples. Determination of Viable Fungal Particulates in Bulk and Surface Samples (Swabs, Wipes, Dust, and Bulk Materials)

Cultured analyses are reported as Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per unit area, weight, or volume depending on the sample media.


Bacterial Services

Bacterial contamination can happen at any time, especially where there are floods. Moody Labs has added the following bacterial analyses to assist our clients with evaluating bacterial contamination:  

Air, Water, Surface, and Bulk Samples

  • Fecal coliform and E.coli presence / absence testing (1-2 days)
  • Legionella testing (14-21 days)
  • Total colony counts (a.k.a. Heterotrophic plate counts) (1-3 days)
  • Gram stain (1-3 days)


Moody Labs has numerous capabilities beyond what are listed here. Give us a call to discuss special projects and pricing.