Home Owners

Moody Labs is an independent testing laboratory dedicated to performing high quality analyses for the public as well as environmental industry professionals. Being independent from consultants, inspectors, and abatement companies means you can rely on our confidential, unbiased, and accurate test results.

Whether you’ re concerned about asbestos or mold in your home, Moody Labs can help you with sample analysis.

Be sure to check out the references list in the Resource Links page of our website for various internet resources on Asbestos, Mold, and Indoor Air Quality topics.


Moody Labs can test for the presence of asbestos that has been historically added to the building materials that may have been used in your home. Some of the more common suspect asbestos-containing materials include but not limited to; acoustical ceiling textures, drywall joint compounds and textures, thermal insulations, floor tiles and mastics, and sheet flooring.

Collected samples should be at least the size of a quarter with all layers of the material present. Samples should be sealed in individual air-tight plastic bags clearly marked for identification and submitted for analysis.

Mold and Bacteria

Moody Labs has a team of experienced microbiologists to help you identify mold and bacteria collected from surfaces and materials in your home. Most samples can be collected by using a transparent tape lift, surface swab, or excising a portion of the bulk material affected.

Collected samples can then be sealed in individual air-tight plastic bags clearly marked for identification and submitted for testing.

Sample Submittal

Use this Non-Account Holder Chain of Custody for pricing and turn around time information. Print a copy and fill it out with pertinent information for submittal with your samples. Please confirm all samples are sealed in airtight plastic bags before sending or bringing by our office.

Safety First!!

Please use caution when assessing any area in need of repair or renovation in your home. Material sampling if done incorrectly may pose an increased health risk, therefore, collecting samples yourself is not recommended. We recommend hiring a professional asbestos or mold inspector to do the sampling for you.